Physical Resources

CDA maintains an office in Hetauda, characterized by its well-furnished ambiance and equipped with essential resources such as desktop computers, laptops, printers, and a camera. The office features a functional telephone system, ensuring effective communication. Additionally, the facility provides broadband Internet service, enabling seamless connectivity, and the computers are interconnected, enhancing overall networking capabilities for improved collaboration and information sharing.

CDA has established an Administration and Finance Unit and that manages the financial arrangements within the organization. CDA has developed documents on Employment Policy, Financial Policy and Internal Rules and that shape our financial disciplines. CDA follows the Nepali fiscal year and practices the annual auditing. There is also internal financial subcommittee to carry out internal auditing and other financial checking. 

The Programme Management Committee (PMC) is basically responsible for fund-rising and outsourcing activities with approvals from the Governing Board (GB). For fund-raising activities, CDA has been promoting training, research and consultancy programs, sale of books and publications and renting of physical resources/facilities of the organization to staffs and other organizations. 

Financial Management


CDA has Goal, Objectives, Transparency, Accountability, Equity and Sustainability as its values and principles. CDA always would like to maintain its quality standard as far as possible. CDA has a long period experience and support from the CBOs and local communities. It does not compromise in environment deterioration. It certainly helps to ensure the quality of its services.