Empowering through
local resources & youth engagement.

Community Development & Awareness Nepal (CDA Nepal), a national level professional Non-governmental Organization located in Makawanpur.



cdamakawanpur @gmail.com
Respect & Compassion

Vision, Mission & Goals

Utilizing local resources

Maximizing local resources and engaging youth to ensure societal independence.

Protecting our environment

Encouraging every member in maintaining a healthy environment for societal welfare.

Empowering yOuth

Engaging Local Youth to Maximize their Potential for Societal Independence.


Fostering economic prosperity through sustainable community initiatives.


  1. Mitigating brain drain by fostering local youth engagement through skill-building programs and personality development, emphasizing individual responsibility for societal betterment.
  2. Conducting environmentally conscious development initiatives to enhance local livelihoods while preserving the integrity of our surroundings.


Values & Principles

CDA’s core values drive our organizational culture, emphasizing integrity, empowerment, sustainability, and community-centric practices.

  • Youth mobilization
  • Gender and social inclusion 
  • Transparency
  • Professional competency
  • Environmental and cultural sensitivity
  • Pro-poor
  • Economic growth and sustainability
  • Multi-stakeholder process
Great Team
Committed members/staff drive our mission and impact.

CDA Programs and Activities

The competencies of the CDA are divided broadly into two major areas namely Community Development (CD) and Training and Service (T&S). Its future activities will be centered on it. Community development activities include following activities:

Building of earthquake resistant houses
Environment and Climate change
Sustainable / Ecological Agriculture
Forestry and Biodiversity

Training and Services

CDA has been implementing the training program having professional competency since its establishment. CDA provides training to local youths, community groups and staffs of development organizations. 

CDA provides skill-based practical training. It not only delivers the training, but it adopts the full training cycle expecting the real change at work efficiency level. The training is conducted in participatory learner-centered approach and fully based on adult learning principles. We believe that by combining the experience of the rural people and development workers with that of our trainers, we promote sustainable development process. 

CDA will provide Training and Services / capacity development activities on the following sector:

Income generation
Life skills and effective leadership
Child Protection
Water Sanitation and
Hygiene (WaSH)